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Bali, as a premier wedding destination, offers its own kind of beauty and charm. Whether your heart yearns for a beachfront exchange vow, a garden paradise adorned with tropical splendor, or the opulence of a top-tier resort, Bali beckons with endless possibilities to transform your dream wedding into cherished memories.

Bali Villa Finder quoted that “there is an increasing number of weddings in Bali; unofficial sources say that close to 10,000 foreign weddings are celebrated every year in Bali. Bali offers amazing wedding venues, affordable catering, and is a close wedding getaway for Australians and Singaporeans, the top 2 nationalities who come to get married in Bali.” This highlights Bali as a top choice for couples looking for a memorable and convenient wedding experience.

So, even if crafting your dream wedding abroad can be daunting, fear not. Within this guide, we will help you through the process of planning a Bali wedding, from selecting the ideal venue to embracing local customs and traditions. Let’s begin your journey to a breathtaking Bali wedding today!


Embarking on the excitement of planning your dream wedding in Bali opens up a world of boundless possibilities. Yet, it’s a venture that demands meticulous preparation and thoughtful consideration. Before immersing ourselves in the details of wedding planning, let’s explore the key factors you should keep in mind when working on your Bali wedding experience.

WHAT YOU REALLY DESIRE – As you plan your wedding, remember what truly matters to you. Starting from the basics like the date of the wedding, the theme you want, number of guests, the kind of venue you have in mind, etc. Share every important detail with your wedding planner to transform your dream wedding into reality. Don’t hesitate to communicate any changes or additional ideas outside the original plan to avoid misunderstandings and ensure a seamless wedding experience.

ADVANCE PLANNING IS BETTER – Planning is crucial for a successful wedding, even for intimate gatherings. For a wedding in Bali, it’s best to start planning at least a year in advance. This ensures you can secure essential elements like venues, catering, and photography, as good vendors are in high demand. Other details like wedding cakes and celebrants can be arranged closer to the date when there are more options available. Planning ahead guarantees a smooth and memorable wedding experience.

PLANNER – While some may opt to plan their wedding themselves, we recommend choosing a professional wedding planner for an overseas celebration. Planning a wedding abroad can be time-consuming and emotionally taxing, which is why Bali offers many experienced planners to assist you. They will guide you towards the best outcomes, using their expertise to maximize results while staying within your budget. So, trust your wedding planner for your special day.

VENUE & ACCOMMODATION – When planning a wedding in Bali, consider accommodation and venue fees. Whether you choose a villa, hotel, or venue, you’ll likely encounter event and Banjar fees. The Banjar fee is for local village permission, while the event fee covers staff and potential damages. Also, it is better to host the wedding ceremony and reception in one place. Changing venues can double fees, so plan wisely to minimize costs.

WEATHER – Consider discussing the weather with your partner and planner to determine the best timing for your special day. Weather can impact your wedding theme and other preparations, so it’s essential to plan accordingly. Below, we’ll provide more details about the ideal month for a Bali wedding.


When discussing wedding expenses, it becomes apparent that the costs vary based on personal preferences. Bali offers a wide range of wedding options, from intimate gatherings to grand luxurious celebrations, so rest assured that the island stands ready to fulfill every couple’s desires.  

As you plan your special day in Bali, you’ll encounter a range of wedding packages from venues and planners, with prices varying from IDR 35,000,000++ to 360,000,000++ and beyond. The inclusions in these packages depend on your chosen venue and guest count. Additionally, remember to factor in accommodation for yourselves, the families, and guests.

Let’s break it down with an example: If you’re hosting 50 guests and need 5 rooms for two nights for family members, here’s what to consider:

Number of guests: 50

Guest sleeping arrangements: 10 guests

Accommodation prices: Starting from IDR 1,500,000++ to 5,000,000++ per room per night

Wedding costs: Starting from IDR 35,000,000++ to 360,000,000++

Total cost for accommodation and wedding: Starting from IDR 60,500,000 to IDR 496,100,000.

Keep in mind that this is just an example and not a fixed cost. The actual expenses depend on your specific needs, and planners typically strive to accommodate them. Also, don’t forget to budget for meals and any unexpected expenses during your time in Bali. These extra costs can vary, so it’s smart to set aside some money just in case.  


The answer is YES. Legal marriage ceremonies in Bali are feasible but must comply with Indonesian laws. However, it’s essential to note that these marriages may not necessarily be recognized back in your home country. Therefore, it’s crucial to seek legal advice to ensure you understand all the requirements both overseas and in your home country.

To ensure everything runs smoothly, first, you’ll want to have both the religious and civil ceremonies in one location on the same day. It’s important that both partners share the same beliefs and declare this verbally. Bali accepts various faiths such as Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and most Christian denominations.

Next, you’ll need to fill out the “Notice of Intention to Marry” at a Civil Registry Office where you’re staying. This step is crucial for legal recognition. Additionally, you’ll need to obtain a Certificate of Non-Impediment from your embassy in Indonesia. These steps, when followed correctly, ensure that your Bali wedding is not only beautiful but also legally recognized.

Do not forget to prepare copy passports and birth certificates of the groom and bride, as well as the copy passport of two witnesses. It’s crucial to understand and fulfill all these requirements to ensure a legally recognized marriage in Bali. Alternatively, you may choose to have a non-legal ceremony in Bali and legally marry back home to simplify the legal process.


For a memorable wedding experience, everyone dreams of a beautiful and heart-warming celebration. Bali’s renowned scenic landscapes often inspire couples to opt for outdoor weddings, making it important to choose the right timing for your special day.

The dry season, which includes June, July, and August, is everyone’s favorite as Bali has less rainfall as well as lower humidity. It also makes it favorable for outdoor weddings with fewer weather-related concerns. However, remember that those months are the sunny days loved by everyone, which also marks the peak season. During those periods, the island will be in high demand that led to higher costs and advanced booking requirements.

December to February is when Bali often has heavy rains, which may not be ideal for outdoor weddings. The weather is unpredictable during that period. In May, Bali transitions from the rainy season, presenting lush greenery and more affordable rates. This makes it a beautiful and budget-friendly choice for your dream wedding.

Therefore, it’s important to talk with your partner about your shared vision for the wedding. While both options have their challenges, with careful planning, you can create a truly beautiful and unforgettable celebration. 


While having a wedding overseas can seem overwhelming due to complicated requirements, getting married in Bali is actually quite manageable. With the help of experienced wedding planners and legal advisors, you can navigate the process smoothly. Bali offers beautiful venues and embraces different cultures, allowing you to customize your ceremony.

Are you ready to plan your dream wedding in Bali? Let’s make it happen together at Simply Bali Weddings! Contact us now to begin creating unforgettable memories that you’ll cherish forever. Your dream Bali wedding is just a step away!